The Mystic Analos is a collection of 3,333 uniquely generated NFTs stored on the Solana blockchain. Each Analos NFT is based on 200+ attributes with different rarities. We aim to create a truly immersive & interactive experience in our alternate universe.

Mint Date of Phase 1: Dec 3, 2021 (Friday) 4pm UTC
# NFTs to Be Minted: 1,601 (excl. 66 reserved for giveaways)

Mint Price: 0.5 SOL



About Us


The project begins with a story. You are brought into an alternate universe called the Analos Kingdom, a place inhabited by highly intellectual cat-beings. You are invited to an ancient secret society called The Mystic Analos ("TMA"), in which virtuous members with the strongest curiosity, intelligence, and dedication vow to solve crimes, mysteries, and abnormalities in this world.


Project highlights:

Original Lore: Highly interactive with real life SOL community members and NFT projects joining as characters

Gaming Experience: Immersive experience involving riddles, puzzles, scavenger hunts, logic games and others. Individual/team game, online or/and offline

Reward Pool: Participate-to-earn mechanism — rewarded either as a gamemaster or solver. (10% proceeds go to the TMA reward pool)

TMA Regional Chapters: Setting up TMA Chapters globally from 2022 

TMA Franchise: Extend our brand to novels / anime / video games

Project Team


aka the Guardians ✨

aka the Magician ✨



Project Strategist & Funmaker✨

Addictive to puzzles, riddles, escape rooms and treasure hunts. Dedicated to building the TMA world for all like-minded others


DJ Ricecake

Game Designer & Marketing Lead✨

Crypto / NFT junkie and very enthusiastic gamemaster.

Ex-VC investor focused on global fashion & creative arts



Storyteller & Community Leader✨

Avid gamer & fiction reader. Heavily influenced by Ready Player One. Daydreaming about living in another world. Obsessed in NFTs with a strong belief in community.

Alt ego - consumer VC investor.



Creative Artist✨

Passionate Japanese illustrator living in the beautiful Fukuoka. Game & puzzle lover. The creator of the NFT artworks, story illustration and other things that you can enjoy and imagine in the Analos Kingdom.


Road Map


until Mint

Discord Setup: Live on Oct 19!

*** Pre-Sale Whitelist ***

600 whitelist spots for phase 1. Remaining whitelist for invites & community engagement.
Including 150 spots reserved for project partners


*** Lore, Gaming Experience & Collaboration ***

First riddle collaboration with Coherence & trivia night completed.

Upcoming major activities include (i) Thanksgiving Trivia Night and (ii) Storyline murder-mystery case.

Prologue of the Analos story to be competed before mint


Official Mint Date for Phase 1: Dec 3, 2021

WhatsApp Image 2021-11-20 at 4_edited.png


WhatsApp Image 2021-11-20 at 4_edited.png

*** Marketplace Setup ***

Analos NFTs to be available for trading on key secondary marketplaces

*** Grape Verification ***

Setting up channels for Analos holders only – discord roles from “human” to “Analos”

*** DAO Setup ***

Inviting key community members to set up TMA DAO – 10% of the minting proceeds will go to DAO as initial funding

*** Lore, Gaming Experience & Collaboration ***

First chapter of the Analos story to begin - "You" will be officially invited to the TMA and face more challenges through riddles & cases.
Side story with Cyber Analos to be developed - "What you take must be returned..."

*** Official Mint Date for Phase 2 ***

Target to be before Christmas - 4 types of Analos will be fulled released after mint

First MEGA mystery case: It is time to celebrate Christmas ... perhaps it's a good time for treasure hunt?

and Beyond

*** Gaming Experience & Collaboration ***

Ongoing release of riddles & cases involving riddles, puzzles and logic games for winning prizes from the TMA pool.

Team-based cases to be released - 4 factions of Analos to compete with each other.

Recruitment for game masters begins


*** Lore ***

More storyline to develop the landscape of the Analos world - including the history, economy, system, society etc - some to be voted by our community members.

Inviting more NFT projects and SOL NFT community members to be in the Analos Story - Building connections between the Solana and Analos world

 *** Analos Assistant NFT ***

The Analos have been too busy... wait? We could get an assistant?


*** Merch ***

Hoodies, stickers and anything else our Analos would want to have in real life!

*** TMA Chapters ***

Setting up chapters globally with regional TMA leaders. Offline social activities / gaming events to be arranged (subject to COVID situation)

*** TMA Franchise ***

Exploring opportunities for novel, comics, merchandise and etc. Analos holders shall be rewarded as we hit new milestone.

Join us and build the TMA brand together!

WhatsApp Image 2021-11-20 at 4_edited.png

The Analos Story

Marble Surface

Prologue #0.1: The Transformation

“Wen moon?


”Your fingers are flying across the keyboard, asking the same question on the 10th discord channel today.


You anxiously switch between window tabs – Solanart, the Solana NFT marketplace, has been down since this morning. The floor price is not reflecting the latest stats, and you need to flip that table leg NFT quickly – even by means of lowering the price by another 0.1 SOL. They call these paper hands act. But who cares? And you move to Twitter – FUDs are around this new mint tonight – well. That’s a free mint and a burner wallet would work. You told yourself. Flipping back to the discord channels, you start reading people’s discussions around the new airdrop event.


This is you, a full time Solana NFT trader since August. 20 hours are spent everyday minting, flipping, gathering information on social media, barely had any good sleep over the past 2 months – the minting time always messes with your sleeping schedule. But that’s okay, coffee is the savior for everything and you just made 500 SOLs in two months…


Now, you feel exhausted now, perhaps you should take a 15 minutes nap and get up for the new mint… the new mint is free… mhmmm…


You feel like you are waking up from a trance. You can barely control your body. Your consciousness seems to be flying away. Solana… minting… wen moon…


What is going on? Something feels odd.


Your eyes pop open and you look at your hands.


And you hear a voice.


“Welcome to the Analos Kingdom.”

Library Bg.jpg

Riddle Library

Hall of Fame Bg.jpg

Hall Of Fame

riddile Bg.png

Riddle #1

Oct 20, 2021

🐱KiwiApe: < 1 minute

🐱HangLooseRettes: < 1 minute


Riddle #2

Oct 24, 2021

🐱Cicada: 14 hours

riddile Bg.png

Riddle #3

Oct 24, 2021

🐱Kongz: 50 minutes


Riddle #4 (Collab)

Oct 30, 2021

🐱Kongz: 44 minutes

🐱Noteli: 1 hour 4 minutes

riddile Bg.png

Trivia Night #1

Nov 7, 2021

🐱Team Chupapi
Members: EGGIE, Yolk, Hxx


Trivia Night #2

Nov 27, 2021

🐱TBC - Which team will win this time?

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

press to zoom
press to zoom
press to zoom
press to zoom
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1. What is The Mystic Analos or TMA?

A generative collection of 3,333 unique NFTs minted on the Solana blockchain drawn by Japanese digital artist Hatomugi . We aim to create a truly immersive & interactive experience in our alternate universe. We have an exciting roadmap ahead with more features to be unlocked going forward.

2. Why TMA?

We love riddles & puzzles and are looking to build a community with like-minded individuals ready for challenges. As an Analos holder, you will be a member of the secret society and solve all the mysterious cases in our universe, as well as be rewarded with great prizes. If you are not an owner of an Analos NFT, you are still welcome to join our activities – but our rewards are only reserved for NFT holders. As we continue to expand our project, exclusive airdrops, merch, or even physical events may potentially happen in the future – and these will only be available for our NFT holders.

3. How does the reward system work?

TMA has a participate-to-earn mechanism — you will be generously rewarded either as a gamemaster or solver. We are reserving at least 10% of proceeds from mint & royalties for the TMA reward pool. 👉 Gamemaster: From time to time we will invite winners of our games to co-create a gaming experience — the resulting rewards will be based on certain factors (game difficulty level; # participants, etc). 👉 Game Solver: The winners of the games will be rewarded in SOL and/or NFTs. There may also be a chance for certain participants to receive special airdrops (TMA token NFTs) which can be exchanged for different rewards as well.

4. When is the official launch date?

Minting of phase 1 is expected to Dec 3, 2021. We are targeting phase 2 to be completed before Christmas.

5. Is there whitelist?

600 whitelist spots for phase 1 (~400 filled); 50 spots open for anyone that (i) invited 3 friends to TMA discord or (ii) has been active in discord. Remaining for project partners.

6. How can I purchase/mint an Analos NFT?

The minting process will happen on our official website (to be released at a later stage). The NFTs will be minted on the Solana Blockchain – SOL will be needed for the mint and we recommend you to use either Phantom or Sollet wallet for your Analos!

7. How much will it cost to mint 1 Analos NFT?

0.5 SOL for phase 1. TBD for phase 2.

8. Is there a rarity system?

Yes. The rarity of the Analos NFTs may actually impact your abilities to uncover different levels of clues for solving a mystery case. We will also explore other ways to reward the rare Analos NFT owners in the future!

9. What will be the use of proceeds from minting and royalties?

Currently we will set aside the following (the minimum; we may decide to increase in the future): 👉10%: TMA reward pools for game masters and winners 👉10% (minting only): TMA DAO (to initiate by community) 👉10%: We will use to sweep the floor from time to time; either to redistribute as giveaways or to burn completely 👉 Remaining: supporting ongoing marketing & operations for TMA